20 Aug

Weatherize with Attic Air Sealing

Why is Attic Air Sealing a good thing to do to weatherize your house? Because the attic floor acts as a top to the box you have hopefully already sealed up from air leaks from the outside. What you’re trying to do here is the envelope theory of air sealing by creating a box.

Air SealingThe attic is the lid to that box and is the top of the box so its important to seal the top of the box because you do not want the heat to escape from the box (which is your house). Before you air seal your top to the box you first want to get a contractor, like Act Green Spray Foam, to correct these problems:

  1. Replace wet or damp insulation from a leaky roof (fix roof)
  2. Replace moldy or rotted attic rafters or floor joists indicating attic moisture problems
  3. Fix kitchen, bathroom or clothes dryer vents that either exhaust moisture into the house or attic
  4. Ice dams in the attic (an indication of serious air leaks)
  5. Little or no attic Insulation on the floor
  6. Knob and tube wiring
  7. Unsealed and uninsulated can lights in the attic space

A good way to start attic air sealing is to draw a map of the areas of the top floor where air might leak into the attic. Make a note of dropped soffits over kitchen cabinets or bath vanities, slanted ceilings over stairways where the walls and exterior of the house meet, and any other dropped ceiling area or overhangs from the house.

When air sealing you always plug the big holes first by either creating stuffed bags, plugging open stud cavities, covering dropped soffits or sealing behind knee walls. After we complete this we start sealing the air leaks, which can be doneĀ a number of ways – including spray foam. Every opening will contribute to a waste of your energy so we must be thorough when we air seal and do the job completely because any air movement is air leakeage and means a cold box (the house).

If your attic leaks and you want it sealed up by an expert please just call us!

Dr. Sprayfoam (Mark Gugino)

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