18 Feb

What To Do With Ice On Your House

If you’re an insulation guy like I am, icicles on a house are never a pretty thing. The reality is that this is happening because heat is escaping from your house.

Ice Dams 2 2014What can you do to fix them? The ideal remedy is to spray foam in the spaces where the ice is forming to stop the heat loss. But sometimes this might seem impossible – maybe the space where the foam needs to go isn’t accessible – but a hutch can be cut into the area, the ceiling may need to be removed and replaced, or a false wall might need to be built.

We’ve done all three at Act Green Spray Foam, and can cure your ice dams. The common quick fixes that you’re used to like breaking away the ice, throwing salt on the roof, installing heat tape or simply spraying the area with warm water might work temporarily, but will ultimately damage your roof or home more than it will help the situation.

You’re invited to contact us with your questions, or to request an estimate to fix your ice problem. We’re more than happy to help.

Dr. Spray Foam (Mark Gugino)

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